• 06.15.23

    Coffee & Conversation | Harm Reduction Measures

    June 15 | 12:00 Noon CT

    Harm Reduction Measures: How to Eradicate Fentanyl and Xylazine in 60 Seconds

    Fentanyl has become a global epidemic.  The team at Aseptic Health has partnered with numerous organizations within the Law Enforcement community as well as employers, education teams and numerous state, local and federal agencies to provide a solution to completely eradicate fentanyl and Xylazine upon contact.

    Fentanyl is so highly potent now that just the exposure to a few grains of it can kill.  We have the kits, educational,  and marketing resources along with our EPA approved and patented product that is non-toxic, ready to use and eradicated fentanyl in 60 seconds…the only product available that can make that claim!

    Join Autumn Ryan of Aseptic Health, and Ken Sparrow and Dave Haney of ADI Ventures as they share their vision to address this issue.

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