• 01.11.18

    Coffee & Conversation | BluSky

    Please join Josef Balnc-Ridings, BluSky Product Specialist and Brian Lowry, Sales Associate, as they share the work they do in prevention education with their app: Mobile Wellness.

    Mobile Wellness is a user-friendly app that helps you monitor total marijuana and alcohol consumption, share safety notifications and access custom organization resources, all from within a single app.

    Designed to be user-friendly, the app is a convenient way to see a snapshot of usage, providing easy-to-read results to help self-regulate consumption. Organization administrators can access a secure web portal to review safety notifications and rich analytics to better understand and help those looking to decrease overall use.

    When it comes to overcoming consumption habits, such as alcohol intake or marijuana use, technology can help by providing subtle and more personalized solutions. Mobile Wellness provides real-time insight and allows users to get the right information at the right time regarding their alcohol and/or marijuana habits.