• 09.11.19

    Coffee & Conversation | Ambition in Motion | Wednesday, September 11th at 1:00pm ET

    Garrett Mintz is the founder of Ambition In Motion. Garrett’s vision is a world where the vast majority of people wake up excited to go to work, feel like their expectations meet reality when they are there, and come home from work fulfilled. Garrett believes that to get to this point, people need mentorship at the formidable points in their lives when they are most susceptible to new information, like during college and the contemplation stages of a career change. Mentorship can occur organically (e.g. through meeting people randomly and being open to mentorship) or through a structured program. Unfortunately, facilitating mentor relationships is not as easy listing a bunch of professionals and allowing people to pick and choose which professionals they would be interested in meeting with. For mentorship to thrive, there needs to be an intentional match between two people and the structure around that relationship to ensure the relationship lasts. Garrett’s work with Ambition In Motion is the culmination of his research on this topic.

    Join us to learn more about Ambition In Motion and how it can benefit your members.


    Please feel free to share this invitation with any interested constituents. We look forward to your participation in our webinar series! Please contact Bobbi Larsen at blarsen@holmesmurphy.com with any questions.