• 10.19.22

    ADA, FHA, ESA | Is a Python an Emotional Support Animal?

    October 19 at 12:00 noon CT


    Here’s the scenario: you have signed a lease with a member to live in the facility. Then this member reports they have a python who is an emotional support animal.  What do you do?  Can you just say NO?

    If you don’t have an answer, please come to this webinar and learn from Sean Callan.  Sean will educate participants on the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), Fair Housing Act (FHA), and the difference between service animals and emotional support animals (ESA) and what is a reasonable accommodation.

     “The process is the key here. Anytime a Housing Corporation just says “no” without giving the situation an individualized consideration, or make decisions without evidence but based on opinion, these are the times when the landlord is exposed. If you go through the interactive process in good faith and at the end determine the accommodation cannot be made, then that is a different matter.  Just make sure that any negative decision is backed up by articulable and demonstrable evidence, not opinion or generalized concerns about the type of animal at issue.” Sean P. Callan

    To learn more about Sean: Sean P. Callan – Manley Burke

    This webinar is free of charge and ideal for housing staff and volunteers, so please spread the word.

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    You can find our new Emotional Support and Service Animal resource HERE