• [Webinar] Swipe Right: Winning the Best Work vs. Any Work

    Event Schedule

    February 16, 2023
    12 - 1 p.m. CT

    Leveraging a go/no-go process to make better decisions about which projects to pursue enables firms to focus on the right opportunities versus any opportunity. Among other benefits, it saves firms time and money, reduces fundamental project risks, protects project outcomes for clients and stakeholders on every project they lead or support, and increases the likelihood of a successful project outcome.

    Join us as we present a go/no-go checklist evaluation and discuss the fundamental risk and business management need for the process, including the need for a consistent application of the process. Additionally, we’ll touch on managing pursuit bias with a checklist and identifying roles and responsibilities for those that complete and approve the pursuit of new opportunities. Register today!

    This course is registered for AIA Continuing education credit. Certificates of Completion will be made available.

    Course qualifies for AXA XL Premium Education Credit.