• [Employee Benefits News Webinar] How integrated data advances broker value and innovation

    Your clients are paying attention to the whole employee journey. Meeting people where they are is about giving others what they need, when they need it. Finding a partner that can help you and your clients fully address total healthcare risk beyond the traditional disease-centric approach can be difficult. Once you find that partner, though, you can drive real results.

    Learn how our Holmes Murphy team leveraged the Workpartners® array of services to set the pace for controlling risk. Using a comprehensive, integrated approach to identify risk and build outreach initiatives for its clients, Holmes Murphy successfully managed its book of business while mitigating risk.

    Join Holmes Murphy’s Beau Reid and additional experts as they explore how an effective partnership can help you:

    • Develop a holistic view of claimants.
    • Evaluate total book of business performance.
    • Measure and predict risk for your clients.
    • Leverage risk-reducing employee engagement services.

    You won’t want to miss this Employee Benefits News (EBN) event. Register today by clicking here.