• No Choice But Single-Payer?

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    Sept. 19, 2017
    2:00-2:30 p.m. CT

    Imagine you need health insurance. You visit healthcare.gov only to find that the options in your area have moved from little choice, to single choice (and sometimes even no choice).

    But wait! You’re one of the lucky millions, about 175 million of you, who have employer-sponsored health insurance. As long as you keep your job, you can keep your plan and keep your doctor. I think we heard that somewhere before? You’re safe, right? Think again. The cost and complexity of the American healthcare system is perplexing business leaders. Business icon Warren Buffett recently stated that he thought a single government-run system is probably best. By “single-payer,” do we really mean “other-payer”?

    Tune into our webcast September 19 as our own Holmes Murphy President Den Bishop will lead a discussion and address what “single-payer” is, whether it’s really inevitable, and alternative approaches that may work better.

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