• CSDZ Webinar – Pre-qualification Strategies: Navigating your way through the many web portals

    The ever-increasing emphasis on contractors to complete pre-qualification requirements through a third party administrator like Avetta, ISN, Veriforce, and others can be frustrating, convoluted, and time-consuming to complete. What’s worse is investing time and resources into completing the process only to find out that your information has been rejected – again!

    In this webinar, we will:

    • Define how the web portal pre-qualification process works and its impact on your profitability potential
    • Identify methods to capitalize on existing relationships and proactively engage your clients when new barriers are created
    • Recognize the metrics used to qualify/disqualify your company
    • Examine practical methods to measurably improve the metrics used to qualify/disqualify your company
    • Identify how to write safety and health programs to meet pre-qualification requirements and prevent creating additional liability for your company
    • Review specific solutions for exemptions and conditional overrides when your score is “F”, “Red” or listed as “Do Not Use” or “Non-Compliant”

    Join Chad Stuart, CSDZ Safety and Risk Specialist, on February 14 at 9-11 a.m. CT. Register today!