• CSDZ Excavation Risk Webinar Part 1: Competent Person and 12 Specific Excavation Requirements

    Event Schedule

    May 17
    9 a.m. - 12 p.m.


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    Competent Person is often the most misunderstood designated leadership role in construction. Common expectations for an excavation Competent Person can consist of day-to-day implementation of the 12 specific excavation requirements and execution of the overall risk/safety plan. Authority for performance and results or lack thereof all point to the Competent Person.

    In our May 17 “Part 1” webinar, our presenter Chad Stuart, CSDZ Safety and Risk Specialist, will:

    • Define excavation competent person in practical terms.
    • Breakdown efficient methods for applying the 12 specific excavation requirements in the field.

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