• CSDZ Webinar: Mobile Crane Management

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    Cranes are used on nearly every construction project. As necessary as these machines are for carrying materials and other goods, they also carry significant risk. When this risk is poorly managed, the results are often catastrophic as we have seen all too often on the national news. Although these accidents have prompted new safety regulations and operator qualifications, crane accidents continue to occur. Our goal for this webinar is to review the major factors that contribute to crane accidents and share best practices in managing them more effectively.

    If you own or operate cranes, or if you manage projects with crane operations, we encourage you to attend this webinar. This webinar will cover mobile cranes only (crawler and wheel-mounted). Derricks, tower cranes, and overhead cranes are outside the scope of this presentation. Attendees will participate in an interactive, virtual classroom to learn about the best practices and regulatory standards affecting crane operations.

    In this webinar, our very own CSDZ Safety & Risk Specialist Rob Dahl will:

    • Discuss the basic principles affecting crane operations
    • Identify the major causes of crane accidents and how to avoid them
    • Review of critical crane operations and the importance of pre-planning
    • Recognize individual responsibilities and authority to stop operations

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