• Part 1: How To Build A High Performance Culture Webinar

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    People know safety manuals exist, and they know safety rules exist. But do they believe in the environment and culture that determines whether they want to follow these rules or not? Preventing injuries, saving lives, recognizing errors, and improving production and processes ultimately starts with leadership. Leadership is a craft that can be learned and improved.

    Ask yourself: Is your team performing at their top potential every day, with every task? Does your team believe in your company culture and environment?

    Join Holmes Murphy’s Kevan Bakewell along with founder of Inspire High Performance, LLC, Bob McCall, for a two-part webinar series that will walk through the foundational elements of building a high-performance team and the leadership principles necessary to drive culture, expectations, and behaviors that can either destroy team performance or help your company reach it’s top potential. Attendees will walk away with a leadership framework to build a zero-zero safety performance culture to ultimately become a safer organization.

    The following are the series dates and times:

    Part 1: Foundation
    June 27 —  10:00-10:45 a.m. CT

    Part 2: Leadership Principles
    July 18 — 10:00-11:00 a.m. CT

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