• Newsletters

    The FPMA and FRMT educational newsletters, as well as Sorority Insights, are distributed on a semi-annual basis in the spring and fall. Both newsletters are distributed to clients and member organizations comprising these entities as well as key constituents.

    FPMA Newsletter
    fpma_newsletter_fall_2016frontpage The FPMA Newsletter is developed to provide educational information regarding proper insurance and management of college based properties and is distributed to all clients of Holmes Murphy Fraternal Practice participating in the FPMA Property Program.

    Fall 2016 FPMA Newsletter
    Spring 2016 FPMA Newsletter


    FRMT Newsletter
    frmt-newsletter_fall_2016frontpage The FRMT Newsletter is dedicated to education on risk management and insurance matters of college based organizations. Whereas the newsletter is developed to specifically serve the needs of the 33 member organizations comprising FRMT, Ltd.; the newsletter is distributed to key fraternal and college based constituents.

    FRMT Newsletters


    Sorority Insights
    sorority_insights_newsletter_fall-2016frontpage Sorority Insights was created as a resource to assist House Corporations, House Directors and Volunteers as they work together to keep their members safe.

    Fall 2016 Sorority Insights
    Spring 2016 Sorority Insights