Why The Right Insurance Partner Matters

A Message from Our Chairman

Selecting the right insurance broker for your business is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a business leader. In challenging economic times, it’s easy to be swayed by immediate appeals of cost and promises of savings. But history proves that short-term gains are often just that: short-term.

Daniel T. Keough

Experience shows that long-term gains — the key to protecting the assets of your business — are more often achieved when you partner with an insurance professional who has not only mastered the insurance field, but also knows your business. The dedicated career professionals at Holmes Murphy are passionate about delivering the highest-quality service while meeting your needs in property and casualty, Employee Benefits, risk management, captive solutions, and loss control. What sets us apart — and puts us ahead of others — is our expertise in your industry. Whether it is construction, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, retail, communications, technology, financial services, healthcare, or any of the dozens of commercial fields that contribute to local, state, national, and global economics — Holmes Murphy knows in depth the factors that contribute to your risk and offers you solutions for greater security and enhanced success.

We’re here for you and always accessible when you need us most. Our guidance and expertise are delivered openly and honestly with an unrivaled commitment to exceptional service. We will celebrate your success because your satisfaction is how we’ll measure our own. The relationship we have with you is the reason we come to work every day. That commitment to our customers is why we have earned our place as a most valued partner by business and industry leaders since 1932.

If you’re looking for a strong advocate and proven partner, look no further. We’ve worked many decades for numerous clients and built loyal relationships with some that are now nearing the half-century milestone. We’d love to talk over your needs; so why not give us a call?
After all, it’s not really about us. It’s about you and your business.

Daniel T. Keough
Holmes Murphy & Associates

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